Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Can Thank Me Later

Yall, I have to share with you my latest favorite blog. 
(Besides yours of course!) 

Are you ready?

It's called... (drum roll)

It's one of my sweet besties IRL who has a hilarious sense of humor and shares it with us daily.

But better yet, she's a makeup artist. 

And today she's sharing tips on how to get cheekbones like J-Lo.

(Who doesn't want cheekbones like J-Lo?)

And she has the cutest tiny sweet baby who I think should marry one of my cute little boys. 

And she lucked out and got a hot hubby that smells like dirt

So why are you still here? Go see her! 

And tell her you hopped over from Morgan's :)

You can thank me later. 

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