Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas with my Hubby

I guess it's about time that I should post some Christmas photos! As I explained in my Christmas Traditions post, Jeffry and I always exchange our gifts to each other early. This year we exchanged gifts December 22nd due to the fact that I had worship team practice the next night and Christmas Eve was booked full! 

Both of the big boys were gone spending a couple of days with Jeffry's brother and sister in law, so we only had Trace. We went to Hattiesburg to get a last minute gift for the big boys and then enjoyed a quiet dinner at Bianchi's Pizzeria downtown. Their pizzas are amazing! After dinner, we headed back home to open our gifts. Here are a few photos I snapped that night:

 Jeffry excited about opening his first gift!

Which was a New Orleans Saints tshirt. We had to immediately "pause" our gift opening session so he could go put it on! At least he likes it!

John and Kira's Chocolates....

One of the best things you will ever put in your mouth. Notice my excitement.

I got a new little camera! (I still use my Canon Rebel XTI SLR for many outdoor and long range shots.) 
It's a Canon PowerShot SX210. Phenomenal. I used it for most of our Christmas pics. 

We get creative with our "To's" and "From's"

Jeffry opening another church shirt from The Buckle. 

We had a great night enjoying each other's company and a quiet gift exchange. The calm before the storm...


  1. That's a great tradition to take a peaceful moment for yourselves! Very sweet!

  2. Cute pictures! Love the camera. And chocolate is always a good gift to get!