Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Week

*Monday was Martin Luther King day, but most importantly my Bray bear's 8th birthday! So hard to believe. He has truly changed my life for the better. We celebrated by staying at the camper all weekend and letting the boys ride their dirt bikes that they got for Christmas all day. They had a blast! We'd gone out for his birthday dinner at Red Lobster the Friday before. 

Our trip to Gatlinburg this year

In his football uniform after their state playoff game

Little cutie at Christmas 2005

Oh, and it also was my sweet IRL friend Em's bday; she was in my wedding. Go visit her here

*Tuesday was Caleb's day to bring snacks at school. I worked most of the morning, and then ran by Walmart to pick up some juice boxes and snack mix bags for his class. He was so excited that I brought them by and stayed for story time, ran by Bray's class, and then took them both home. It really is the little things we do that bring our kids so much happiness. I spent the afternoon baking birthday cupcakes for Brayden to take for his class the next day since it just so happened to be his snack day! 

*I let Bray take his cupcakes with him like a big boy. No need for Mama to pop in to his class two days in a row. Wednesday night I led worship for The Chamber which is our midweek prayer service. Our church is in the midst of 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, so this worship time was especially exciting. 

*Thursday was Sales Tax day at the store. Blah. I have to do it once a month, but I never enjoy it. I mean who enjoys paying taxes? Usually my focus on Thursdays is more about what's coming up for worship team practice that night. I look forward to practice all week long; it's my passion! We just got an actual acoustic drum set! We've had electronic drums which totally work, but wow, a real acoustic set just makes a huge difference. Exciting stuff. 

*I was so excited for Friday! I had a few things to do at the store before I got to leave to go to lunch with my Dad in Hattiesburg. He had to come down for a doctor's appointment, so we met at Newk's. After a great lunch, I had the shopping bug. I ran by Forever 21 and got a couple cute shirts. Then I went to GAP where I had a 30% off my entire purchase email! Let me tell you, I racked up on some sale rack deals in GAP. The two best buys were a thin gray sweater for $2 and a cute tweed skirt for $9. I still had some money left on a Belk gift card from Christmas, so I went there next. I grabbed up some super cute Jessica Simpson black suede boots at 50% off! I was so proud of my sale-finding self that day. :)

*Saturday was Brayden's birthday party at Gatti Town. All of our family came, and we invited several of Bray's friends from church and school. It was such a blast. The party "hero" (the Gatti Town worker) made balloon animals, painted faces, made an obstacle course for them, served the pizza, drinks, cake, and ice cream, decorated the room, and cleaned up afterwards. This was our first birthday party that wasn't at home and I must say it was SO nice to do nothing but sit back and take pictures. Speaking of pictures, there aren't any yet because I left my camera bag in my mom's car! :( I have to wait until I see her again to get it back...we live a little over 2 hours away. Stink. 

*Sunday was tremendous. I love Sundays because as a worship leader, they are what I prepare for all week long. We had a great set list including a new song to us called "Hallelujah" by Stephen Cole. You can find it on the Catalyst Music Project in iTunes. The sermon was so incredible though. So many people were touched that day. I left saying, "I really wish I could do that everyday". Maybe one day...

* What is your biggest passion in life?

* What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a piece of clothing?

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