Friday, May 1, 2009

ABCs...TGIF edition!

All of 4 my boys have stuffy noses or a cough.
Brayden is reading on a 2nd grade level!! I cannot believe that.
Cydnee is literally making me laugh out loud right now just over Blackberry Messenger.
Desiring a hot stone facial from E Salon.
Esther study by Beth Moore is my latest favorite. Esther 4:14 is my verse lately
First day of May! Almost vacation time!
Got my hair dyed for like the first time in my life this week. I'm 25. With more of a reddish brown hair color than brownish black. :)
Heading over to Lucedale tomorrow afternoon to celebrate Jeffry's grandmothers bday and mothers day a little early.
Interviewed for Landscapes Magazine today! How cool is that? She is supposed to email us a roughdraft of the article on Mon/Tues so maybe I can post it. Can I do that?
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Kari Jobe is singing at Resurrection Life in Picayune tonight, but I can't go. Sadness!
Led worship team practice for the first time Tuesday night. It went pretty well!
My bestest friend is getting a pedicure without me. Boo.
New shoes for Bray and Trace!
Organization. Something my house is desperately lacking lately.
Payroll today! always my hang-up. We should invent more Q words
Ralph Lauren paint. We just started carrying it! Love the finishes.
Sooo want a pool!
Three more weeks left of school for Bray! That means we finally get to sleep in.
Unless Trace wakes up early...which I'm sure he will.
Valuing my time with my children. Cannot wait for summer!
Why has today been so overwhelmingly busy?!
Xcited that it's Friday...full weekend ahead.
Ya'll! Yesterday I spent 7+ hours of my life trying to install a new firewall/on the phone with computer people at the store...seriously NOT my forte. I'll never be a member of The Geek Squad.
Zinger. I missed that word in the 5th grade spelling bee because I thought they said singer. Like I couldn't spell zinger!!!