Jeffry and I met in August of 2001 at the University of Southern Mississippi's Baptist Student Union. I was a freshman in college; he was a sophomore. Jeffry came in late from work one night, and I was on the stage singing with the praise team. A mutual friend introduced us that night, and we were pretty much inseparable after that! We were married that summer, and I must say I'm so blessed to have married my best friend. 

 In the past several years, we have moved five times (in 2 towns!), built our store, built two houses, had three precious boys, lost loved ones, fallen more in love with Jesus, and just enjoyed life together. That's not to say it's been easy; we've definitely had our share of trials, but the Lord is faithful.

We now have a 90-acre farm complete with a farmhouse, a barn, cows, a horse, a pony, 2 dogs and 2 cats. And our three boys who roam free on the farm!

This blog is devoted to them: Brayden, Caleb, Trace, and one sweet baby we will one day meet in heaven. 
Another way for me to archive the precious memories of our life together.