Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great news!

I have some great news!

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Monday, April 12, 2010


My lack of blogging of late can be attributed to a couple of things. One of which is baseball.

Brayden is 7, and Caleb is almost 5, which means they will never be close enough in age to be on the same team for any sports. This year is our first year with both of them playing a sport at the same time. It's been kinda hectic so far.

Take this week's schedule for example:

Monday- Brayden- batting cage at 5:20 and game at 6:00
               Caleb- practice at 6:15

Tuesday- Brayden- batting cage at 5:20 and game at 6:00
               Caleb- game at 6:00

Wednesday- Prayer at 7:00

Thursday- Morgan- worship team practice at 6:30
                 Brayden- practice at 7:00 (I'm hoping this gets canceled due to 3 games this week!)
                 Caleb- practice at 5:30

Friday- Brayden- batting cage at 5:20 and game at 6:00
            Caleb- game at 7:15

Needless to say, we are spending lots of hours at the ball field.  There's a whole lot of needing to be two or three places at once and juggling who is taking whom to where and when. (And making sure they are fed and wearing what they should be with all their equipment!)

But it's America's pastime right? Nothing like baseball to divide unite a family :)

I know it is just for a season, and I am happy that my boys (and my husband) are enjoying themselves. I'm also thankful that Trace is a very content baby who puts up with a lot of time at the baseball field!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

He Came For Us - Easter 2010

Trace was happy with his one egg. He carried it all around the yard. It had a dollar inside which he thought was unnecessary and threw it on the ground! Haha.Caleb with his full Easter bucket! He found one more egg than Bray which was a big deal!!