Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Favorites

Thought I'd share just a few of my favorite things from this past year with you...

1. Coach Poppy Perfume

Jeffry got this for me for Christmas, and it's fantastic! Jasmine, gardenia, cucumber, and candied rose petals. I'm not a gardenia fan but that doesn't come through to me with Poppy. My new favorite everyday perfume. Still loyal to my Coco Mademoiselle for date nights.

2. Tiffany Onyx Toggle Bracelet

Perfect addition to my everyday jewelry because I live in black and gray clothing. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet. 

3. Kenra Platinum Boosting Spray Foam
This stuff is an amazing spray mousse. I love all of Kenra's products that I've tried from my salon and this one is no exception. The smell is so nice and clean. 

4. Secret Wonderland Triple Moisture Body Cream

So we all know that Bath and Body Works Body Cream is phenomenal for it's moisturizing powers right? Well mix that with a new yummy flavor, and you make my favorites list! :) 
Secret Wonderland is a combination of jasmine, strawberry and white amber. (Obviously I'm having a thing for jasmine right now??)

5. One Year Bible

I've always wanted to be "better" at reading my Bible; you know, more consistent, read ALL of it, not skip around randomly. Enter the One Year Bible. Our church began reading from the One Year Bible as a congregation a few years ago, and it truly has transformed my Bible reading. Not only do I read on a consistent basis, but I also read parts of the Bible that I would have skipped over before (hello, Leviticus?) Now I have a greater picture of who God is throughout the entire Bible. Not just God in the New Testament; because face it, that's usually where I ended up reading. It's exciting to be reading the same thing as my husband and friends because we can chat about things we read that day. 

6. Jesus Culture- Come Away Album

Please do not pass GO or collect your $200 until you BUY THIS ALBUM. Jesus Culture is a group of amazing worshipers, and I promise you will love their anointed music. Pinky promise. 

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  1. oh i love the new secret wonderland scent! i have the shower gel right now!!! :)