Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fast Approaching

Ahh, so many things have been going on. Last Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to get a fantastic spa pedicure courtesy of my parents (thank you!) and get my hair cut. I LOVE going to the salon. I could have a spa day once a week; I have beautiful toes again :) So that was fun. Then, Thursday night I attended a baby shower for a sweet couple at our church. They're having a girl so everything was PINK! Girls have such cuter clothes than boys. Ohhh, but speaking of, Kisha's (my BFF) sister gave me several Strasburg and Castles & Crowns outfits for Trace that her boys have outgrown. What a blessing!

I think I told you that last week Caleb was sick; well, Saturday, Brayden started running fever and feeling achy all over. He had the flu! Luckily, our doctor called in a prescription for antibiotics and tamiflu. He had to miss school yesterday because he was still running fever, but he's doing better today. Which is good news, because Saturday is his birthday!

I can't believe he will be six years old. I am frantically gathering together Mossy Oak camoflauge party supplies and finishing up making his party invitations so they can be mailed/passed out tomorrow. I will have to take pictures, I'm quite proud of my handiwork! We aren't having his party until next Saturday so I still have a little time to finish up my details. He was adamant about having a "hunting/ camoflauge" party. What kind of party favors do I give for that? Haha. Anyway, I know it will be fun, but I'm still scrambling trying to get everything how I want it to be.

My sweet friend, Kisha, is getting hunting themed cupcakes from Paul's Pastry for him to take to school on Friday. I'm sure we will go out for his birthday Saturday night. I can't wait to make his day super special!!

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