Monday, January 5, 2009

Disney Vacation!

I'm dreaming of a Disney vacation! With my sweet soon to be six year old and my precious three and a half year old. I have been wanting to take Brayden since he was three; I think I may have finally convinced Jeffry that this could be our year! He doesn't want to go when it's extremely hot, so we may be taking Brayden out of school for a few days. I am pretty sure we will stick to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, unless you guys sway me otherwise. I think at least one set of grandparents will accompany us, so we will probably want to book a suite or adjoining rooms with a kitchen area. I need ya'lls help!!

1. WHEN is the best time to go and for how many days with kids this age?
2. Where is the best place to stay? Tell me your MOST & LEAST expensive favorites.
3. Should we eat in the parks or bring our own food?
4. Are there any SPECIAL things that we just HAVE to do if we go?
5. Please give any other advice you can think of!!

I have been checking the Disney website and Mouse Savers, and there is just so much information it's overwhelming!


  1. Morg,

    Ashely Lancaster (Anderson) helped me out TONS!!!

    We are taking Bailee next January for her 3rd birthday and doing all of the princess themed things we can.

    We are doing the Disney dining plan w/ the 3 meals and 2 snacks per day (it covers all the character dining) and are the 2 websites she recommended.

    The Mom's forum on the Disney website is good too!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love your blog. I can't wait to read more!

    I've been to Disney World so many times with our fam. I loved it but we always went in July, and I hated that part!! It's so HOT. The food at the park is pretty pricey, but it's good to eat at least once while you're there so the kids can play with the characters. Good luck planning!

  3. Hey girl!! fun!! You're coming to see me!!! I think we should come visit ya some day! You guys are MORE than welcome to come stay with us in Tampa for as long as you want..that would save some money too! I'd say eat at the park at least one of the meals during the's just easier...pricey but the boys could probably share a meal and maybe you guys could too...just bring your own water (if they let you) b/c the drinks are what are CRAZY expensive since you get so thirsty..I wouldn't go in July or August either...if you guys are willing to take the kids out of school, come in March-May shouldn't be as hot during these months..when we (the Powells) went, we stayed at this resort that was attached to the just took a boat over there, and that was fun..but I'm sure it was expensive..of course, now is the BEST time to go b/c of the economy, even Disney is struggling...go on one of your son's birthdays (their free on their b-day), so that would save you some too..I would say go to SeaWorld for sure, b/c there's only one roller coaster, and your boys would LOVE all the animals..we could come meet ya on that day! Busch Gardens here in Tampa is actually known to be VERY kid friendly, so you could do that fun! I can't wait!! Hope that helps...we haven't actually gone in years, but a LOT of my friends have so I'll ask ya! Can't wait to see ya!

  4. Ah, Disney! One of my favorite subjects. I miss it already! Later today I will type up all kinds of information for you. If you could just give me your e-mail address I will shoot it your way asap. Your boys will LOVE it!

  5. Hey! If you need any advice planning, let me know. I'm not an expert, but I can try to help! Email me,