Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sit Somewhere New

I am so thankful for my friends! God has been reminding me the past few days that friendship with others is a reflection of how He cares for me. The Lord desires our fellowship and our time to be spent with Him! That's what we do with our friends. We meet for breakfast, go to parties, drink know, spend time getting to know one another. It dawned on me Sunday that we sometimes get stuck in a rut. Even if we don't have "our row" at church, we generally sit in the same area. How am I supposed to meet new people if I keep sitting by the same friends and sitting in the same spot? The Lord opened my eyes to see other people around me. I remember how it felt to be the new couple at church. You want to make new friends, you want to meet new people! It's so important for us to step out of our comfort zones, greet people, and truly make them feel welcome! You can't truly minister to someone unless you establish some sort of relationship with them, and you can't establish a relationship unless you step out and welcome them. As of today, I am going to make an effort to get out of my comfort zone and sit somewhere new! I want to be able to keep adding to my group of friends! I'm so thankful that the Lord didn't decide He had enough "friends"...what if I had gotten left out? I don't want to leave anyone out at church or in my community. I want all people to feel like they can come to me and find a true friend.


  1. Thank you Morgan for sharing this-what a simple yet profound thought! Very encouraging to me.

  2. So true! My husband and I just joined a new church and it is very scary and exciting all at the same time. I know that the kindness of a few people is what "sealed the deal" for us joining our church!