Friday, January 18, 2008

My Bray-bear

Yesterday was Brayden's 5th year in this world. I can not believe how time has flown. As many of you know, I got pregnant with Brayden before Jeffry and I were married. It is amazing how, through our mistakes and decisions, the Lord never lets go of us and continues to guide our path. I thank the Lord for bringing this special boy into my life. I can not imagine my life any other way; I never thought I could love someone so much. Our children are such a blessing from the Lord. I have never viewed Brayden as "an accident" or a mistake; I have always known that the Lord GAVE us this precious boy. I thank the Lord that He is a God of forgiveness, and He is our loving Father!! I heard on the radio yesterday that in 2006, there were 2,949 abortions in Mississippi. I still cannot fathom how someone could have an abortion. My heart breaks for those women who feel there is no other way than to have an abortion, and I am thankful that I never resorted to such measures. How could the world not have my Brayden in it? He is so special! And I know that those other babies are special too because we are all made in the image of our Father! Brayden is such a happy, outgoing child. He is "all boy" and lives outside! He loves to play with trucks, trailers, tractors, trains, dirt bikes, etc. I thank the Lord for entrusting us with Brayden, my Bray-bear...I pray that I can be an example of the Lord's love and encourage Brayden's sweet spirit to grow in the love of Jesus!

These pictures are from Wednesday night. We took him out to eat Cracker Barrel for his birthday, which is what he requested! We let him order whatever he wanted, and he chose pancakes and a grilled cheese sandwich. He finished off with a hot fudge brownie and ice's only his birthday once a year! Jeffry, Caleb, and I went to Brayden's class yesterday and took the cupcakes that I made. Last night we gave him his birthday present- a Nintendo DS. Only, he calls it an "antenna ds". SO funny! He was very thankful, which made me proud! We are having a birthday party on Saturday with tons of his friends. I can't wait. I want to make my little boy feel as special as he is to me! :) I am so thankful that the Lord gave me this child.


  1. Morgan-
    Your little boy is so cute! I know he is a lucky boy to have you as a mommy! I cannot believe that so many women miss out on the joy of having children by choosing to have an abortion. I know that God hand selects parents for each of His children and I know I feel priviledged to be choosen as my little girl's mommy! I know God chose you and your husband specifically for your little boy and I can see seem like great parents!!

  2. Thank you for saying all that! It is great to be able to see how God is (and thank goodness for retrospect-has been) working in each of our lives.