Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tailgate Time!

Another home game weekend! We spent Friday night at The Rock cheering on our Eagles. They were facing Kansas and the game was being broadcast on ESPN. I knew it was going to be a long night for the boys because the game didn't start until 7 and with it being a televised game, there'd be a lot more timeouts than usual. However, that is the beauty of tailgating with our camper! My mom actually stayed behind at the camper to begin with, so at the end of the 3rd quarter when Caleb and Trace had had enough, I just took them back to her.  They fell asleep so fast! 

Here's a little view of our tailgating setup.  

Jeffry's mom and brother with Caleb. 

Some of the crew. We didn't even set up our tent this week. 

The newlyweds! Jeffry's brother, Johnny and his wife, Danielle got to come to the game. 

Trace, again, enjoying his food. Remember last week?

We brought the big boys' scooters, which was a great idea! They got to ride around on the sidewalks and in the parking lot near us. They burned lots of energy and had a blast doing it!

Danielle and me

The Pride on the field getting us ready to start the game!

My hubby is so crazy! 

Sweet Caleb

Bray with the scoreboard in the background. We beat Kansas 31-16! Woop woop!

Caleb and me. I never get this many pics taken of me in one day.

My hubs and me so excited about beating those Jayhawks! SMTTT!

Fireworks after the game. Great way to spend a Friday night with the fam!


  1. So cute! I think this is my first time to comment on your blog. I am a friend of Jeffry's from high school and stumbled upon your blog awhile back and saw his face on a post. Pretty cool.

    Your family is darling! I love your sparkly shirt!

  2. ah i just love football season! :) great pictures!

  3. Tailgaiting with a camper- so fun! I'm jealous :) That game looks like a good time!