Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seeing in Black and Gold- Part 2!

So on to the rest of our Saturday! We left Brayden's football game and headed back home to load up our camper and head to Southern Miss for the first home game of the season. We didn't really know what to expect since we have always just tailgated with Jeffry's parents in their spot. When we bought our camper, we decided it would be fun to take it to Southern's games! Not to mention that if Trace gets tired, I can bring him back to the camper and let him rest while everyone else can stay at the game. 

We had entirely too much food! But I think that's how it is supposed to be. We were supposed to have another family join us, but they didn't make it in time. So it was just Jeffry, me, the boys, and his mom and dad. We pulled the camper in at about noon. Jeffry and I got everything set up and then we got the boys to lay down and watch a movie for a bit. Caleb got a little bit of a nap, but Trace never did fall asleep. 

Jeffry's parents arrived at about 2. I went with them, Trace, and Brayden to the Campus Book Mart across the street from USM. We loaded up on lots of black and gold USM items! Trace got a cute stuffed eagle that he insists on calling "doggie". Hilarious. 

Jeffry was our grillmaster! The hamburgers were fantastic. 

Trace loved the ranch dip with the veggies. He sat there for the longest time dipping and licking the dip off of his carrots. He was a mess but it was so cute!

Brayden and Paw Paw throwing the football.

Trace cheesin' it up. I just love this pic.

The back of Jeffry and Caleb at the game. We have great seats!

Trace and me...please ignore my hair. I'd been outside for about 8 hours at this point and it was HOT.

Getting ready for the team to run out on the field!

Caleb and Trace watching the game.

Brayden and Paw Paw.

Bray showing off his dance moves, lol.

Jeffry and Trace.

My favorite picture from the day! Brayden, Trace, and Caleb


  1. such sweet boys! looks like a fun day!
    love the music playing on your blog! when i heard made me glad it reminded me of in the spring my new cousin from haiti & 3 of her "sisters" from the orphanage that also got adopted sang that for us. incredible.

  2. I love it! I've always wanted to do some TRUE tailgating. It looks like y'all have it down pat already.