Friday, October 16, 2009

Week Wrap-Up

I didn't do a great job of posting this week! I just really felt like I didn't have that much to say I guess. Here's a recap:

* Sunday's worship was AMAZING! I was so proud of the worship team; it was probably the best worship service yet with our new band. The flow and transitions were great. The Holy Spirit showed up and it was just awesome. I could really do this forever.

* The boys were out of school Monday. We really didn't do anything incredibly exciting; it was just nice to be home and not have anything pressing to do. It rained all day, which I don't mind at all. Minus the fact that my boys got a little wild!

* Tuesday was back to work and school. I had my Life Group in the morning. Our topic over the next few weeks is Giving. I LOVED this lesson! Everyone had so many testimonies to share about their giving and how God blessed them for it. So uplifting to hear.

* That night Jeffry attended a meeting with the local car club here that is helping us host the first ever Jack's Home Improvement Center Antique Car Show! It's next Saturday, October 24th, from 9-2. We are expecting 100+ cars to show up and tons of people from the community. I really think it's going to be a great event. Please pray that we have great weather!

* Wednesday I don't know what I did. Hmmm....where did that day go?

* Yesterday I got soooooo much done at work! I was sick of my desk having a million papers on it that everyone just keeps piling on. Apparently, my desk is the place to put things when you aren't sure where to put them. Ahem. Anyway, I devised a couple of new organized stations, CLEARLY LABELED, so that people will have no excuse to pile on the paper. I feel so accomplished with a clean desk. Worship team practice last night was great. AND my house cleaner came. SO blessed!

* Today is FRIDAY! Woo-hoo! I woke up and it was FREEZING outside! Seriously, yesterday the high was in the mid-80's and today when I left for work it was 58 degrees outside. I had kind of a rough morning bc someone made a rude comment to me which I overheard. Why do people do that? Anyway, I'm over it now. I have a great husband and great friends who reassured me it was fine. I'm really looking forward to relaxing at home in my clean house tonight.

* Saturday is our second meeting of The Current 601, the newly formed young adult ministry at our church that Jeffry and I are spearheading. We are having a fall get-together at our farm complete with bonfire, Smores, hayride, skeet shooting, chili, potato soup, cupcakes, and FRIENDS! I really can't wait! Oh except that I am speaking tomorrow night. I could really avoid that whole part...but Pastor Mike asked me to speak about Getting Real: Living Real in a Fake World. Cool topic! I really can't wait to see what God is going to do with this great group of people!!

That's all for now! Everyone have a great weekend and ENJOY this COLD weather!

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