Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More of Him

Friday night was kind of a "wow" moment for me. After some great worship from Misty Edwards, Pastor Mike brought a great message in which he talked about our flesh. One thing I really gleaned from that time was this,

"Focusing on myself is the complete opposite of focusing on God. I want to experience life on God's terms!"

Yeah. Focusing on myself...I do that a lot.

After the message, we had some time to get on our knees alone with the Lord. I was really searching my heart and just crying out to God for more of Him.

I said, "Lord, take me in, past the outer courts, further in..."

I was a little shocked and surprised when He responded, "I'm trying. But until you take me there in your life, I can't bring you any further in."

WOW. Talk about a "spanking". But it really broke me's funny how we think we've let God into every single area of our hearts, but there are still areas that we hope He hasn't seen, or He will just glance past. How thankful I am that God cares enough to answer me honestly! I repented right then and there.

I am resolved to go deeper in the Lord. The great thing can ALWAYS go deeper. There's always more of Him. We can never get enough.

As for me, I'm letting Him go deeper in my He can let me in on more of Him.

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