Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have a new blog template since the last time many of you visited. However, I'm really not happy with the 2-column layout of my blog right now. I'd love a three column layout. Actually, what I'd really love is to have someone design my blog for me. Do you all have any recommendations for a designer or a place for free layouts? Please let me know.

Also, how do I list the post labels so that someone can click "Trace" and all of the posts that I've labeled "Trace" come up? Anybody know? Thanks for your help!

I'll have my regular post up later this afternoon. It's been a crazy morning at work!


  1. I like
    They have several 2 and 3 column templates and lots of special "add-ons" that match the different backgrounds such as Headers, tag sets for the side bars and post dividers. :)
    You add the tags in when you are typing each post(or you can go in and edit them to add in the tags).
    There is a white box for you to add "labels for this post". It is between where you type your post and the Publish Post and Save as Draft buttons. :) Hope that helps!

  2. I can make your blog 3 column and also make a header if you'd like--I do it for fun and have done several of my friends' blogs :)

    Email me if you'd like me to do something!

  3. Oh, and I used Leslie Lambert to professionally do mine. So if you want to pay something, she's the way to go!

  4. Thanks for the help girls! Ashley, I may totally take you up on that offer! :)

  5. I usually go to google and type in 3 column blogger templates and decide based on whatever. Those other offers sound good though. The labels is something you need to add from your layout. good luck