Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Tribute to Toni

We are giving a tribute to Toni, our babysitter and friend, because she is leaving for college on Friday. I am SO sad, I cannot tell you. But I'm also so excited about her opportunities at State to grow and to develop relationships there! Toni has been our babysitter for the past two years for EVERYTHING! She started babysitting for us once a week every Wednesday night while Jeffry and I were taking a discipleship class at church. Since then we have used her every time we needed a babysitter, which is pretty often with our crazy schedules.

Toni is the person we can call to pick up the boys from daycare in case we are late from a doctor's appointment or decide to eat out for dinner at the last minute. She's the one who is probably more cautious of our children than we are. She is the one who taught Brayden to spell his first and last name. She is the one who made t-shirts for her and I to wear to Bray's baseball games. She is the one who bought canvases and painted color wheels with the boys when another babysitter may have just stuck them in front of a TV. She is the one who let me use her camera when my battery died at Brayden's graduation. She is the one who consistently asked the boys to say their numbers in Spanish. She is the one who bought snacks for Brayden's soccer team when Jeffry forgot to buy some. She is the one who I can call at the last minute to help get me out of a bind. She is a caring person, who loves my boys for who they are! She is also one of my dear friends, and I am so happy and sad that she is moving away. I know that she will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts. My boys are better people because she has loved them like her own!!

Tone, I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. I love you like my sister, and I truly cannot thank you enough for loving our boys the way you do! I know that God will open doors for you to become successful in school, in work, and in relationships, and I pray that He sends a godly man your way to make you incredibly happy.
We love you so much!!
Jeff, Morg, Bray, & Caleb

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  1. wow-how wonderful to have such a special person in your lives!