Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The longest post ever.

Sorry I have been nonexistent lately! A lot of things have been going on since I posted last.

Last Wednesday, I went to the doctor for my regular checkup. I am measuring right on track, and my weight and blood pressure were good. Next time I go back for the glucose test...blah. I hate having to wait so long in the doctor's office! At least I am going early in the morning so I can get it over with quickly perhaps. After the doctor's office, Jeffry and I took Brayden to his new school to meet his teacher and see his classroom. I was very nervous, but his teacher is great! We had heard that she was one of the ones you wanted, which is an answer to prayer. I knew that God would place Brayden with the teacher with whom he needed to be. Bray was playing and did not even want to leave when it was time to go!

That Friday, the 8th, was Brayden's first day of Kindergarten! He looked so cute all dressed up. (I will have to add his picture later!) He came home SOO excited about Kindergarten, and he thoroughly enjoyed his first day. I didn't cry when I left him that morning, but I did get a little upset when I remembered that I forgot to tell his teacher where I put his lunch money. I was worried they wouldn't find it, haha. But of course he did.

This past week has been full! Brayden has had homework every night which consists of writing his name and certain letters/numbers on tablet paper. It is HARD work to teach handwriting! And I have discovered that Jeffry and I write our letters differently, so we both tell Brayden different things, LoL. Oh well...we are working on it. Tuesday I got sick with a stomach virus, and I was miserable all day. Wednesday and Thursday weren't much better because I didn't have an appetite, and my stomach was cramping horribly. I just felt like laying on the couch! The bad thing is that Jeffry had to go to Birmingham on Thursday morning for a hardware show, so I was left on my own with two kids! I called the Dr's office Thursday, and they told me some medicine to take and that they thought I was dehydrated. So since then I have been guzzling water like it's going out of style. I'm feeling better, but not quite 100%.

That night, my brother and grandmother came to stay with us. The next day, I helped my brother move in to his dorm room at USM. YAY! He's finally close by! I'm super excited that he will be around to be more involved in our lives. I was really worried that if he went to State or Ole Miss, we would never get to see him because we hardly saw him when he lived in Madison! We got everything situated the way he wanted it, and for a guys' room, it looks really good!

My parents came down Friday night and stayed with us until Sunday. Evan and his best friend, Brent (like my other little brother), came to the house Saturday afternoon. Jeffry, my dad, Brent, Evan, and I all went bowling that night which was a lot of fun!! I bowled really well the first game, but my second game stunk. My grandmother and my mom were amazing and helped me catch up on all of my housework since I had been so sick. Sunday was my sweet grandmother's 70th birthday! After church, we had lunch at the house, and then we went out to eat dinner in Hattiesburg for her birthday.

Ok, I think that finally catches me up! I will post a few pictures later when I get my camera.

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