Monday, April 28, 2008

So you had a bad day...

I love Saturday mornings. Although I don't get to sleep late (thanks to my early-rising two-year old), I do get to at least lay in bed for a while before I have to get up. Usually, Caleb and I lay in the bed and play for a while before he gets hungry for breakfast (which is usually within ten minutes after he wakes up!). Meanwhile, Brayden is asleep in his room, oblivious that everyone else in the house is awake. How I wish I were in the bed with him instead! Anyway, Caleb and I were already up Saturday morning when one of our employees called at 7:15. Since our store opens at 7, I figured he was going to say he couldn't come in or was going to be late for work. But no, he said he was outside in the driveway to pick up Jeffry's chop saw. Ha...I was in my pajamas! Jeffry didn't call to tell me someone was coming! I rushed to pull on some clothes and open the garage so he could get the saw. Awkward seeing your employee with no makeup, hair not get the picture. Well, within the next fifteen minutes, Jeffry calls and says that another employee was making a delivery in our F-650 delivery truck and had a wreck. Ohhh great. What a way to start your Saturday. We've never had a wreck since we've been in business. It wasn't our driver's fault though. A woman basically ran a stop sign and trying to stop too late, slid about thirty feet into the side of our truck. I'm thankful that no one was hurt though. Oh and guess what? She doesn't have insurance. Doesn't that just figure. So I had to load up the kids and myself to head out there and take pictures of our truck. This is all before 8 in the morning! Ugh! We scrambled to get our clothes on and drive to the southern part of the county. I took several pictures of our truck; it's hard to discern the damage from my pictures though. It is not drive-able, and the entire frame of the truck is bent. We think it may be totaled, but we won't know for sure until an adjuster can look at it. Meanwhile, what to do for deliveries? This severely cramps our business, which is a building supply store; we rely on that truck numerous times a day for deliveries. We have other trucks, but this one has our forklift attached to the back. So with it out of commission, that means we can't make any large deliveries that would need the forklift. I'm praying that the situation is resolved quickly, whether it be that we find a truck to rent or that we are able to buy a new delivery truck.

*I'll post the pics later!

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  1. I am so sorry you had a bad day! I am praying that things get better and that your truck issue is worked out quickly!