Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sterilization times seven.

Seven. That's how many days at least one member of my family has been sick. It started last Saturday night when Caleb-almost 3yr- woke up around midnight with a fever. His fever lasted all day Sunday, so Monday I took him to see the doctor. (Which is a whole other issue because our pediatrician just recently up and left town. Boo.) He had an ear infection and sore throat. After a couple doses of his medicine, he began to feel ten times better.
Monday night. Jeffry has been assigned jury duty for the month of April, and we have been calling every night to see if he has to report. Of course, they wait until the end of the month to choose him. Ugh.
On to Tuesday. Brayden-5yr- comes in my room that morning crying about how he feels like he's going to throw up and his head hurts. This is completely out of character for him, so I tend to believe his poor little cries. I feel his forehead, and it's obvious that he now has a fever. Caleb had been fever-free for 24 hours, so he was safe to go to daycare. Brayden and I packed up his sleeping bag and some toys, and he came to work with me for the day. You could tell when the Motrin wore off because he would all of a sudden transform from my happy child to a poor pitiful little boy who just wanted to lay on a sleeping bag. It was sad. You may think that taking him to work instead of keeping him at home was a little insensitive. Well I guess that is what happens sometimes when you own your own business and your husband is a juror that day. Ha.
Wednesday. Brayden was still running fever so no school once again. Jeffry was chosen for duty; he had to stay all day yesterday and report back today. Caleb is well, thank the Lord.
Thursday. Everyone is fever free! Hallelujah! Which was important because it was the first of the month and I had to get customer statements printed and sent out in the mail. Oh but don't get too excited...the daycare called me at 3 saying Caleb had just thrown up all over himself. Nice. Off I go to save my poor little child (who is on antibiotics so this is obviously a VIRUS) once again. I began to wonder if I would ever work a full day this week. He threw up a few more times once I got home, and I had to cancel the Bible study that usually meets at my house on Thursday nights. I mean, apparently we have something going on in our house, ha. I promise I've been Lysol-ing everything!
Friday morning. Hooray! Caleb made it through the night and is a new child this morning. We stay at the house for a while and then Toni, our babysitter, comes to stay with him at 11 so I can go to work. I had to work out front at the sales counter because we had one employee out and Jeffry was gone to buy a new delivery truck.
Friday afternoon. Jeffry returns from purchasing the truck and has a miserable headache that he hasn't been able to get rid of since this morning. And then he gets a fever and goes home. LORD help me!
Saturday. Jeffry still has the headache. And the fever. And now nausea.
I mean, what am I doing wrong here? I promise I'm cleaning and sterilizing! But please, don't come to my house. We're under quarantine for now.

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  1. Just keep doing what you are doing and praying, maybe you'll make it out alive...I didn't-last week. Sorry. "The best families share everything"