Monday, August 9, 2010

Where I've Been- Part 2

Oops! I didn't exactly show up the next day as promised did I? SO sorry. I've got to get back in a posting routine! On with June and July...

We hosted The Current at our house for an event called "Back in the Saddle". The Current is our young adult ministry for ages 18 to thirty somethings at Northwood. We had a blast! The day started out with a huge thunderstorm which dumped a ton of rain, but we still had over 20 people show up. Jeffry had penned up a calf and greased a pig...I can't even begin to tell you how hilarious it was to watch everyone!
A pic of some of The Current group

Jeffry and Micah, our youth pastor, playing on the trampoline

On June 9th, Trace had his 2nd eye surgery to correct the strabismus in his eyes. I wasn't nearly as nervous this time, having gone through it once before, but I was still anxious. Jeffry and I prayed over him before he went in, and the surgery went really well. He has healed up even better than expected. We actually go back to the eye doctor tomorrow for another checkup.
On his surgery bed, waiting to go back!

Sleeping off the drugs after surgery

Hooked up to his IV. His poor little face got super red from a reaction to the anesthesia.

A couple days after surgery. You can see how red the outer corners of his eyes were. But SO straight!

The boys spent a week at Vacation Bible School at FBC Wiggins. They had a great time, and I got to see their "performance" that Friday at noon. That's actually where the above picture of Trace was taken. I also got to celebrate one of my besties bdays a little early! We met in Picayune, got pedicures and had lunch with her family. It was a great day!
Me, Kisha, Cydnee

Jeffry and I celebrated our 8th anniversary in Jamaica again! SO relaxing. We left early on a Monday morning and came back on Saturday around noon. People keep asking us what we did, and we say NOTHING! Haha. We really love Sandals resorts because you can stay completely on the property, have great food and entertainment, and just relax and enjoy each others company. Can't wait til next year!
We came home from Jamaica on Saturday, stayed the night at home, and then loaded up our camper to take the boys to Flint Creek Waterpark on Sunday the 4th. Flint Creek is not too far from our house, so it's like a vacation, but we can still go to work during the day. Several of our friends were out their with their children, and the kids would play for hours. We actually stayed for just over 2 weeks! I was so ready to be home by then, but the boys had a blast. It was our "family vacation" since we skipped the beach this year. 

Bray, Trace, and Caleb in the camper getting ready for bed

Caleb chomping down on a Smore!

Bray with his Smore

Trace playing in the camper

I think that brings us through the end of July! I will post the boys pics of the first day of school next! 

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