Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A new season!
Blackberry Curve is my new best friend! Yippee! Forget the Pearl.
Caleb talks non-stop these days.
Dentist appointments for the entire family this week.
Eager to start the summer so we can quit waking up early in the morning.
Filming the Welcome DVD for church on Saturday; I'm doing the Worship portion.
GLORY. My word for this week. God's glory amazes me.
Have any new recipes you would like to share with me?? Always looking to try something new.
I hate taxes.
Just signed Bray up for USM's football camp.
Kids are the best. I am trying to cherish these days with my boys, however chaotic they may be!
Love getting to spend time with family...on to the grandparents this morning!
Met my parents last night for Nagoya, yum yum.
New Easter clothes! Will definitely be taking pictures!
Oooo, my, the car ride up here lasted FOREVER with my little teething sweetie.
Please can we go shoe shopping soon?!?
Quit straddling the fence and get serious about Jesus!
Ready to see what God has in store for this new season. I'm walking Your way, Lord.
Surprise anniversary present WAYY early! I'll share details later...
Taco soup rocked my world the other night. Thanks, Kisha!
Unique in their own way...the boys that is.
Visiting my grandparents this weekend with the kids. Happiness.
Why do I like greasy food so much? Must. Stay. On. Diet. JAMAICA!
Xcited that Spring has sprung! Now to just get my house in order!
You would be surprised how easily kids can learn Bible verses! The boys impress me.
Zzzzz....I always wake up tired? Hard to catch up...

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