Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so this is not so wordless...Trace has been sick! He's been extremely congested and wheezy since Sunday. We've been giving him breathing treatments at home and using the awful nose squeegy and the cool mist humidifier at night. Monday night he and I hardly slept bc he just couldn't breathe! So yesterday, I took him to the doctor. She wanted to do a breathing treatment in the office so she could see how he responded; it went well...his blood oxygen levels rose 2% after the treatment so it helped. They also tested him for RSV but haven't gotten the results back yet.

The first two pics are from his breathing treatment at the doctors office- their nebulizer was a cute teddy bear! Ours is just plain boring gray. The last pic is from this morning. He had been coughing and coughing and finally was able to pass out. He's been so pitiful. Makes me sad.
I think he's getting a little better so far this afternoon though. Please keep him in your prayers!

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  1. aw, poor, sweet thing. I am sure you are both exhausted. Being sick is never easier but it is even harder when they are so little. Babies just seem so helpless and pitiful when sick. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for Trace and rest for both of you.