Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things for my 25th Birthday!

I've been tagged by several people on Facebook and Blogger to do this post. I thought it was fun that this month is also my 25th birthday month!

1. I was born in Columbia, Missouri and lived there until I was 9. I always prided myself on having more of a Northern accent, but now my Mississippi born-and-raised husband has rubbed off on me. I'm a weird cross between Northern and Southern accents, and I'm passing it on to my children, ha.

2. I graduated highschool at 17 because I skipped the 4th grade. And no, I'm not that smart.

3. I never liked the color pink until the past few years.

4. I'm not much of a fashion jewelry person. My husband has wonderfully supplied me with many beautiful, nice pieces of jewelry that I would much rather wear than costume jewelry. Nice jewelry is just more sentimental to me, I guess.

5. I am a huge sweet tooth! I love dessert and think it should be eaten at least once a day. (That's bad I know) Jeffry doesn't even like dessert. Brayden has my sweet tooth...we're two peas in a pod; Caleb doesn't care much one way or the other. We'll see who Trace takes after!

6. I was and still am a Hanson fan. And yes, they're still around.

7. My greatest passion in life besides my family and my God is singing. I've been singing since I was able to talk. I even sing in my sleep at times.

8. I LOVE to travel and have traveled to 22 states. Also to England, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Curacao and Costa Rica. I think that's all.

9. I'm not good at anything athletic except snow skiing. My baby brother got all the athletic talent in our family.

10. Movie nights at home or at the theater are one of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband.

11. I feel like I'm still trying to identify my personal style and translate it into the clothes I wear.

12. My husband and I both have fathers who were raised on dairy farms.

13. I really dislike confrontation. I hate when customers get angry with me; I usually cry after I talk to them.

14. I truly believe that some friends are for LIFE. You'll never lose that special connection no matter how little you talk to them or how far apart you are.

15. My husband first saw me singing on stage at our college's Baptist Student Union, and we were pretty much inseparable after we met that night.

16. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! My precious Saviour's birth is celebrated! I love the feelings that Christmas conjures up, the smells that it represents to me, and the family time that is shared.

17. I never dreamed I would end up living on a 90-acre farm and not in the city or even in a neighborhood!

18. I used to referee soccer (good money!) when I was in highschool, but I never actually played.

19. My great grandfather came to America from Greece. He stowed away on a ship! I hope one day to be able to travel to Skopelos, where he was from.

20. Scrapbooking is one of my most favorite things to do, but I never make the time for myself to do it. I need to get better at that.

21. I really love my family; they make me laugh more than anyone else!

22. God has taught me things and carried me through situations in the past three years that I never thought were possible.

23. I want to sing and record songs in a recording studio.

24. Purses and shoes make me happy even though I'm not the kind of girl who changes her purse daily. I'm more of a seasonal purse changer. Shoes...are fabulous. I wish I could buy cutesy ones from Payless and Target, but my feet scream at me if I do that. I have to go the expensive route.

25. I've accomplished more in this 25 years than I ever dreamed: The man God has for me, three beautiful boys who are being raised in a Spirit-filled home, a beautiful farm and new house, a thriving business that supports several families not just ours, pushing myself in my ministry and not getting complacent, being more faithful with reading my Word than I have ever been in my life, living in the MIRACULOUS!

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