Friday, February 6, 2009

Babywearing 101

So baby number three made his debut in November. After the holidays had passed and the food had run out, I realized that at some point I would have to venture out to the grocery store once again. So Trace and I loaded up to go; I carried him into the store in his infant carseat carrier. It took up the WHOLE buggy! I had hardly any room to fit any groceries. I ended up squeezing in the essentials, but I had to go back a few days later to get more items. I realized the carrier was NOT going to work. But I certainly couldn't hold him the whole time...and what about when I had Brayden & Caleb with me? I started freaking out wondering how I would ever be able to grocery shop with my kids again!

I had never heard of babywearing until I read so many blogs of mothers who talked about it. I was a little clueless at first, but finally figured out what everyone was raving about! I never "wore" Brayden & Caleb, but I bought my first pouch with Trace several weeks ago. It has been a life saver! It's the only way we survive grocery shopping now. I wish I had known about these babies when my older boys were infants. I love having Trace nestled up right against me, but still being able to get things accomplished! Which is important when you have three boys! :)

There are several different ways to "wear" your baby and most pouches can be used until age 2 or about 35 pounds. My skinny Caleb is 3 1/2 and just now weighs 35 pounds...I could've used a pouch with him this whole time! Ahh, who knew!?

Brittany at 4 Little Men and Girly Twins is giving away a Meeup pouch! Go register to win!!


  1. Thats what I've been looking for-where did you get this??

  2. I found one at a baby store here, but they're all over the internet. Just search for infant pouch carrier or something like that.