Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quotable Moments

Some of my favorite quotes from the boys lately.

Looking at the pink sunset and Caleb says, "It's cool pink. It's not girl pink."

Bray reading out of his new Bible, "Mama, I just love that story so much I hafta read it again and again!"

Caleb- "Where did Satan find the snake suit he wore in the garden?"

Caleb- "Can we rent Up?" Me- "We've already seen it." Caleb- "Well then can we rent Down, that would be ok too?"

Bray to his piano teacher- "I don't have a lot of time to practice because I just work outside a lot."

Bray- "I'm gonna be a scientist tomorrow and microwave a pinecone." (For the record, this never happened. I prayed he would forget.)

Caleb playing his new guitar- "Mama, how do you change the song? Do you have a tick {pick} for it?"

Caleb- "We are men cuz we like jalapenos!"

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