Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Necessary evil?

My Blackberry Curve kicked the bucket. Actually, it still worked when it felt like it...but I was really ready to throw it out of my car window.

Since last Tuesday, my Curve had been shutting off and rebooting itself. It could be while it was charging, while I was on a phone call or internet browsing; it didn't matter. Over the past week, it had probably rebooted on it's own ohhh about 60 times.

Talk about frustrating!

It really made me want to say all kinds of ugly things to my phone.
Even though I love it.

It took a week to get to Cell South just did. Busy busy. I did call last week, and they said it would probably need to be sent in. Great.

I finally made it to the store this morning at 9am. My phone had already rebooted itself 4 times this morning. Love that. Thankfully, it was still under warranty, and they gave me a new Curve to be my best friend.

The sales rep was able to transfer all of my numbers, but all of my applications and the BB pins' of all my friends were lost in Never Never Land.

Starting from scratch. And add in the small fact that I couldn't send SMS texts which I didn't realize until leaving the store.
ON THE NEW PHONE. What in the world?

Finally, after chatting online with Cell South for about 20 minutes this afternoon, they walked me through the process of fixing the text messaging issue. My other problem was transferring my email account to the new Curve. The technician quickly accomplished that as well, and I was ever-so-grateful.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go delete one-by-one the 174 emails and 51 Facebook messages that my new Curve found from way back when in Never Never Land.


  1. I had to get a new curve a few weeks ago. My T button wouldn't work. And when I scrolled up and down, it would only type T's. Hilarious but a pain in the butt at the same time.
    Love my BB and hate it at the same time. :)

  2. Isn't that crazy?! Haha, yes, it's definitely a love/hate relationship!