Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm bad at titles.

I had a crazy/wonderful day yesterday! It seems like the mornings are always chaotic, just trying to get my three little kiddos out the door to be anywhere on time. On top of that, my cleaning lady showed up at 7:15!! Seriously. It's the summer. My husband had forgotten to tell me that she was coming yesterday, so I didn't have enough cleaning supplies. Sooo, we were hurrying to get Brayden to vacation Bible school, and I had promised the kids McDonald's for breakfast. We left the house and reached Mickey D's just in time for Trace to spit up his ENTIRE BOTTLE all over himself and his carseat. So I got him out, cleaned him up with wipeys (! that's all I had!), changed his diaper and outfit, fed the other boys, and hurried to get to VBS on time. We made it! Then I had to go to Walmart, buy cleaning supplies, and take them back home to our cleaning lady before I finally got to work at 9:15. Crazy, crazy. Good thing I work for myself.

I left work early and had a mini spa day! I got my brows done, a spa pedicure, and got my hair cut. It was so nice to relax for a little while...especially after my chaotic morning. I'm trying to start thinking about packing for Jamaica! 4 days left!!

Tomorrow morning, Jeffry and I are taking Trace for a follow-up visit to the eye doctor. I'm hoping to have a clear head this time and find out all of the details about his eye surgery. I'll be glad to have my husband there with me. Pray for us, as it is never easy to think about your baby having surgery! I know it's not a serious medical illness or anything, but I still have my concerns. Thank you for your prayers!!

Our house is still on the market. STILL. God, what are you waiting for!?! Our contract ran out with our realtor last week, so we are officially trying to sell it ourselves now. We are hoping that by lowering the price some, and with no realtor's fees that we will be able to find a buyer. There is a man in town who's very interested but has to sell his house first. That figures. I think my attitude sounds negative, but the reality is that I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God paved the way for us to be at our new house so I KNOW He has a buyer for this one. I'm just so OVER trying to sell it. I'm "radically anticipating" a sale! Oh yeah, and if you want a gorgeous house on the golf course, just let me know!! :)

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