Friday, June 19, 2009


So, the eye doctor visit was not entirely the outcome I hoped for, but we are rolling with it. Trace has developed amblyopia, which means that he is only seeing things with one eye. His brain is not telling the "bad" eye to see anymore because it was weaker to begin with. So basically, the brain shuts it off, eventually causing blindness. At this early stage, it is correctable by patching his eye for an hour everyday. We have to get the amblyopia corrected before we can proceed with the surgery for strabismus, which is the actual crossing of the eyes. I got to ask our doctor a lot of questions, and she was very thorough in explaining the surgery to me. It is an outpatient surgery, however, he will be completed sedated...something I'm not really crazy about. I mean, who wants to see their baby completely under anesthesia. But I know God is in control in all of this. None of this has taken Him by surprise, and I am resting in the knowledge that He is Trace's Healer.

We go back in two months to determine if the patching is helping correct the "bad" eye. I am confident in God's ability to heal these eyes! Assuming they are better, we will be able to take the time down to about 30 minutes a day of patching until the eye surgery. I'm guessing the surgery will be around the end of September or the beginning of October...guessing. This is the first step to correcting his eyes. We are praying it is the only step; the possibility is there for at least one more surgery, if not more. But we have faith in our God!

What really excites me is to see before and after pictures of babies on the internet. I can't wait to see my precious angel with beautiful straight eyes and a great big smile!


  1. Found you from Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage ...

    What a sweet little guy you have ... praying his eye stuff gets all "straightned" out :) and that your faith becomes even stronger because of it!

    Blessings ~ Lindsay from Eastern Oregon

  2. I found you through From My Front Porch...your little Trace is so adorable! Best wishes with the eye patch and future surgery!