Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life Changes

It's been about two weeks since I last posted! Sorry guys. We've had a lot going on though! I went to Destin with two of my girlfriends to a women's retreat that was incredible. I'll post on that later though. Our new house at the farm is framed up, and we've had tons of people there working every day! Now we are just praying for the right buyer for our house on the golf course.

We have had quite an eventful weekend this weekend! It started Thursday night with Brayden's K4 graduation. My parents, brother, aunt, cousins, and Jeffry's mom and dad came with us to see Brayden graduate from First Baptist Wiggins K4 program. It was the cutest! They sang several songs, quoted Bible verses, and received their diplomas. I was so emotional that morning after I dropped him off at school. I can't believe he's already finished with preschool and ready for REAL school!

Friday, we drove up to Madison to see my baby brother graduate from Jackson Academy. The entire family (including grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.) ate dinner at The Haute Pig beforehand. It was so yummy. After that we headed to Christ United in Jackson to see Evan graduate. It was kinda surreal...I can't believe my brother is out of highschool. The great thing is that he has decided to go to USM so he'll only be 30 minutes away from us now! I can't wait!

Today was Caleb's 3rd birthday! I woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes for him in the shape of a 3. We put candles on them and let him blow them out. He loved it! He was super excited because he got to move up to a new Sunday school class at church. Our church is small right now, so the 3-6 year olds are in a class together...which means he and Brayden are in the same class for a while. It was great; he's so glad to be out of nursery! For lunch, we met Jeffry's mom and dad at a local restaurant and then came back to the house for cake and presents. Tonight we took him to a Mexican restaurant where they gave him a sombrero and sang to him! His face was precious!!

In other news, we are expecting another baby! This is number three! My due date is December 2 (my good friend Kimmie's bday!), so I'm about 12 weeks along. I had a doctor's appointment Thursday morning, and we heard the heartbeat! Everything seems fine; I've been pretty nauseated, which they say is a good sign. I had an ultrasound about a month ago, and the baby was so tiny! Just a little speck. It's amazing how God works! I think the baby is about and inch and a half long right now. Caleb wanted to know if the baby was just "swimming around" in my tummy, haha. I guess so! Anyway, just wanted to update you guys. Please keep us in your prayers!


  1. Congrats Morgan on your upcoming baby!

  2. So exciting about everything! great pictures-thanks for sharing them.
    I'll be praying for your pregnancy...pray for mine!? lol.

  3. all you girls and your little babies and kids! it seems like just yesterday ya'll were so obsessed with hanson! congratulations- you'd better make sure he/she is born on the due date- it's my birthday too! (along with kim, kaitlin mcclainm and brittnay spears!)

    thanks for the compliments on the pictures- i don't know what kind of flower that was- it was in a county park we visited... it's something i would love to have in the yard