Monday, March 3, 2008

Shoe shopping

I love shopping for shoes. I probably own about 35 pairs of shoes right now...which is really not that bad in my opinion. My husband certainly disagrees with this! I think Caleb has inherited my love for shoes. He LOVES shoes and is very particular on which shoes he wants to wear everyday. Jeffry and I recently took the boys shoe shopping in Hattiesburg. We were going to go to the cute kids' shoe store, but it was closed. :( So, we ventured off to Belk because I had a coupon. The kids' shoe section was a wreck! There was not a salesperson to be found and the shelves were so disorganized. I was almost ready to just go somewhere else, but of course, Jeffry didn't want to go to another store, haha. We dug through the mess and actually ended up finding some great shoes. Each of the boys got a pair of Sperry's for Sunday, which are just adorable. I love them on little boys. Then Bray found some New Balance slip-ons that he fell in love with (apparently they make him run SUPER fast). Caleb was grabbing shoes right and left to try on, and we finally settled on some cute navy Stride Rite's for him. We checked out and went back to the car. It was one of my fastest shopping trips to the mall, but that's usually how it is with husband and kids in tow!

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