Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break and Easter Egg Hunt!

We have had another busy few weeks! Brayden had Spring Break this week, so he has been with Jeffry's parents since Tuesday. I miss him SOOO much! He's coming home tonight. Caleb has missed Brayden a lot! He has not known what to do being the only child in the house for a few days, and I'm ready for Bray to come back to help entertain Caleb, haha.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Pretty short! I just went in wanting something different and left it up to my hair stylist. He has great taste, so I knew it wouldn't be bad. I was just nervous of what Jeffry would think because he thought I was only getting a trim! he loves it though, and I do too, especially after it only took me 15 minutes to blow dry this morning. Definitely a plus when you have two kids running around!

Today is actually Jeffry's birthday! We woke up late this morning, and I made him homemade cinnamon rolls. They were so good; you can find the recipe and many other good ones at Jeffry took Caleb to ride in the tractor while I finished up my Easter shopping. I can't wait to take pics of the boys tomorrow; their outfits are so handsome! After lunch, my friend, Cydnee, and I took the kids to the Easter Egg hunt in town. There were a lot of people, tons of eggs, and the Easter bunny showed up with a police escort! The kids had fun gathering up the eggs and eating candy. Here is a pic of Caleb and Madisyn.

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