Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lo siento!

Sorry guys! I took a little unplanned break from blogging. Let me catch you up to speed...

Two Saturdays ago, Jeffry and I took the boys to the Monster Truck show in Gulfport. We had gotten Bray tickets to the show for his birthday. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had so much fun! The trucks were crazy, and the guys on the dirt bikes doing tricks...let's just say I was super-impressed but seriously nervous for them! I'll post some pics later. Afterwards we got to take a picture with one of the drivers. That night, we went out to dinner at Pizza Hut. Brayden had seen a commercial for stuffed crust pizza and had been dying to try it, LoL. We had a great family day!!

We finally closed on our property, which was really exciting! For those of you who don't know, we bought 90 acres just north of Wiggins. It's basically a farm; already fenced in with cows roaming around and a couple of barns! We won't keep the cows, but we will probably buy some in the future. The boys are really excited. They live outside anyway, so the farm is like a huge playground for them!

Jeffry and I left for Birmingham on Valentine's Day, headed for our hardware show. Every six months we attend a buying show for the store. It really is work, but it's better than being in the office all day! And at night, we get to play! Usually we go on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but since I'm helping lead worship at church, we left early. We arrived Thursday afternoon and got settled in our room. That night, we went to Lakeview Oyster House for dinner. It was great! I loved the food, and my dessert was a chocolate cheesecake that was seriously good. Friday morning we went shopping at The Summit (my favorite place in Birmingham) and had lunch at P.F. Chang's. Yumm.... That night, Jeffry rented us a limo, and we celebrated our official Valentine's date at Plaza III- it's this really nice steakhouse that is ridiculously expensive (we only splurge there once a year! ha!) Needless to say, it was wonderful! If you can't tell, our favorite thing to do when we go out of town is eat. LoL. We got up early Saturday morning to finish up working the show and drove back home to get ready for Sunday.

Last night, I listened to Evan's (my little brother) basketball game on the radio online. They were up pretty much the entire game, but almost gave it away in the 4th quarter. What was once a 15 point lead dwindled to a 4 point lead with 20 seconds left in the 4th. I looked so funny...I was on my knees in my bedroom in front of my laptop willing them to win! And they did! Thankfully! So they have advanced in the State Tournament and they play again Friday night. Guess where I'll be....

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  1. Sounds like you had a very wonderful Valentine's evening.

    Your part about the basketball game made me smile. Isn't funny how into something we can be without even being there!