Thursday, February 7, 2008

Play Date!

Tuesday night, Jeffry had a mens meeting at church so I invited my best friend Cydnee to bring her kids over to play. Cydnee and I were just standing at the counter talking while Caleb and Madisyn were playing. Madisyn had brought her baby doll over, and it was laying on the counter. Caleb undressed the baby doll and took off her diaper all by himself!! It was so funny. Look at the picture...he kinda looks proud of himself, LoL. Of course, Jeffry doesn't like these pics too much. I included two pictures of Madisyn. I love her. We're contemplating an arranged marriage...haha.


  1. I think arranged marriages aren't given enough credit now days.... I mean mother knows best, right? ;)

    I'm a Company Girl too!

  2. I love the pics. Caleb's hair so pretty. Went to Evan's basketball game last night. Going to rodeo today. Kiss the boys for me. I sure enjoy seeing the pics of what they are doing. Aunt T