Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sometimes I feel like there are so many obligations that I just want to stop it all and do nothing.

I'm kind of an over-achiever in a lot of areas, and I make these super-high standards for myself that I know I'm not going to be able to achieve. I just set myself up for failure. Mainly in my home and with my kids.

Take blogging for example. My blog is here to record personal thoughts, photos, etc. I'm not going to be the next Mom Creative or theNester. Why do I put pressure on myself to do more than I feel like doing? I haven't blogged in a month because I just haven't had time, yet every time I read someone else's posts, I feel guilty for not doing my own. Why do I put that pressure on myself? In the long run, it doesn't matter a bit.

Laundry. Paying bills. Organizing. Keeping sand off of my wood floors from those little boy shoes. Getting the boys to put their toys back where they belong. Laundry. Trace eating a meal without making a huge mess. Having the kids bookshelf in order. Keeping my clothes in color order. Laundry.

I'm realizing more and more that I hate to see the mess. I love clothes hampers because you can shut the lid and they look pretty, not chaotic and overflowing. Even our living room bookcase makes me crazy sometimes with all the different colored books and different sizes. See, I told you I was kinda weird.

All these things that super mom should be able to accomplish and so many times I fall seriously short.

Some days I read Proverbs 31, and it just makes me feel worse. I don't rise before dawn.

Days like this I just want to lean back into my Savior and take a deep breath. I want to sit there in that moment forever and pretend the world doesn't exist.

He lovingly reminds that my value is in Him.

My purpose is to know Him and to make Him known to others.

So take heart, moms...for every obligation you place on your own shoulders, realize that Jesus only desire of you is that you surrender your worries to Him and spend time having a relationship with Him. He's ready and waiting to take those burdens...if we will only let go.

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