Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick day

I'm home today with Brayden and Caleb. Seems they both have the stomach bug that Jeffry and I had last week. There is lots of sanitizing, washing of sheets, and resting going on here at our house today. The sad thing is that today is their Thanksgiving lunch at school. All of the parents go up to the school for a traditional Thanksgiving meal with their kids. We've done this every year with Brayden, and I'm so sad Caleb has to miss his first time!

Aside from my sick boys, a huge thing on my mind today is our Thanksgiving menu. My parents and grandparents will be at my house this year and I want to cook my first-ever turkey. Do any of you have any turkey tips or tricks to share?

One more thing- I'm going to ask for new casual dinnerware for Christmas and I want to know what you have or what you love. There are so many choices...I lean more toward neutrals like ivory or taupe but I'm not ruling out colored patterns. If I could use the new Fiestaware Christmas pattern everyday I would but Jeffry won't go for that. Help me find something I will love for years to come....that's durable enough for my three cowboys. :)

...this was my first post from our iPad. I'm figuring it out! Hooray! When I get back to work I will retry my post with our Tennessee pics.


  1. i hope everyone feels better soon! i have never made a turkey...well i have never made the thanksgiving meal! :) we always go to someone elses house!

  2. Girl! I have missed you! Hope those sweet boys get to feeling better soon! Sending prayers your way! xoxo

  3. Hope your boys feel better soon! No fun! We're hosting our first Thanksgiving this year for the in-laws. Good luck with yours!