Friday, October 1, 2010

SUYL-9.24- Master Bedrooms

I missed this post of Show Us Your Life, so I decided to go back and do it anyway. This is our Master Bedroom. I love our bedroom furniture! For years, we had a several pieces of mismatched furniture, as do most newlyweds. You know, Jeffry's bed from his old room, a huge oak dresser and tv cabinet that someone let us have, 2 totally different nightstands, etc. When we moved into the house before this one, we finally bought a bedroom suite, and I looooove it! It's not super fancy, but it's big and stout. I guess I should mention that we built this house knowing we are going to add on. So while this is our master bedroom, it won't be once we add on. This room is still a work in progress! 

I got our bedspread last year from Anthropologie. It's ruched eggplant purple heavenliness. I love it. The bedskirt came from JC Penny I think? It's an ivory voile material. The door leads to our bathroom. Speaking of, all the doors in our house are the old fashioned 5 panel like you would find in an older country house. I used them in our last house too!

This is my nightstand. I'm not crazy about the cross there, but I guess you work with what you have. The lamps are hammered metal oil rubbed bronze with a natural linen shade. Chunky and rustic. I love them. Notice my stack of books on the nightstand. Along with a picture of my three boys, a scrapbook I made of Jeffry and me, candle, vitamins and lotion.

The plaque above our bed. God's still writing our story and it doesn't say it's easy, but this statement will always be true. 

Jeffry's nightstand. It's usually covered with fishing lures, sinus medicine, asthma inhalers, and bronco magazines (as in Ford Bronco, not the horse!). But I cleaned it off just for you. And yes, that is a gun in the corner. We live in the country, people!

A view as you walk into our bedroom. I wanted a deep purple accent wall. I stole the LOVE idea from Ashley- she's an interior design genius. Obviously that cell phone does not usually reside on the bed. And the pillow shams are on their way out. They just haven't found a replacement yet. Does anyone want to be my personal shopper/decorator? 

This is the view from the foot of our bed. That armoire houses our television. The drapes for the windows are being made as we speak! The door to the right leads to our closet, the door to the left is a storage/office area. More storage than office! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

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  1. Um, I want to be your personal shopper! I LOVE the purple wall. Gorgeous.