Friday, February 26, 2010

Sickness/Birthday/New CD!

I've taken another unexpected leave of absence from blogging for a bit! This winter has been so hard on my family, health-wise. It seems that the day one sick boy is ready to go back to school, another has to stay home. And they aren't really even sharing the same illnesses! We've had strep, stomach viruses, bronchitis, viral throat infections, allergic reactions, croup...all within the past few months. I've been home from work with a sick child at least once a week. It makes me so thankful that we own our own business (even though it's not easy!!!) and have the ability for me to have the best of both worlds: SAHM and working mom! Right now, Caleb is getting over bronchitis, and Trace has a stomach virus. It seems like it never ends.

Have I even told you guys that Trace got glasses?!?! He looks adorable in them. I was very nervous about the prospect of glasses for a one year old; I guess mainly because of my pride. I didn't want anyone to look at him funny or think less of him in any way. My mama bear instincts coming out, I suppose! I adored Brayden's reaction to Trace's glasses: 

"Trace, those look cool, dude. No don't take them off! They make you look cool!"

I was so proud. He's such a good big brother. They both are.

I celebrated my 26th birthday on Wednesday. Although there were a couple of bumps in the morning, the day ended up fantastic! I'll post about it later. I'm so blessed to have a great family and friends...especially my hubby!

Other big news....our church is releasing our first CD on March 21st! Click here to see a video promo of New Wave Live on You Tube . The CD was recorded during our annual Night of Worship this summer. I'm totally excited to get ya'lls responses on the sound. Let me know what you think! The CDs will be available for purchase on iTunes or our church website  on March 21st.

In case you're confused, our church has two campuses, one in Gulfport and one in Wiggins. Jordan Ducote leads worship at our Gulfport church, and I lead worship at the Wiggins location. For Night of Worship, both worship teams come together at the Gulfport church and have an awesome time of praise and worship. Most of the original songs on the CD were written by Jordan. I hope you love it!! A lot of work has gone into making this dream a reality. :) Let me know your thoughts!

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