Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eye Surgery

We finally have a date! Trace will be having eye surgery on December 21st at 7:30AM. I'm nervous, scared, and excited. We are so ready to have it over with, but it has taken a while to get Trace's "bad eye" to strengthen up to where it should be. After the surgery we shouldn't have to do any patching!

I'm a little worried mostly about my reaction to seeing him after the surgery. Another mom friend of mine told me that no one really prepared her for what her baby would look like afterward. I know that the whites of his eyes will be pretty much completely red and bloodshot. The first day his eyes may kinda go all over the place, but we should see them straightening up within the first week. It's so exciting!

I know that this is a very common outpatient surgery, but as with any surgery, there is the chance of infection or that something could go wrong. We are very confident in our pediatric ophthalmologist and have full faith and trust in our Lord. We know that Trace is going to come out of this perfectly and can't wait to show you his beautiful straight eyes! Please keep him in your prayers!


  1. So exciting. We will be praying for y'all and for the surgeons!

  2. I know that you have been waiting for this. I will definitely be praying for Trace, as well as the rest of your family.