Monday, August 10, 2009

Worth Remembering

My kids are just wonderfully funny.

And I want to remember every little quote that makes every second of my time with them so memorable and hilarious.

Caleb: "Mommy, look my jeans are wet. (Points to a big wet spot on his knee.) But that's okay I'm still gonna wear them cuz that's what cowboys do, right?"

Ahhh, yes, my child. Do as the cowboys do.

We were in the car, and Caleb was playing Brayden's Nintendo DS. Although Bray didn't want to play it, he started whining that Caleb was playing it. My response to Bray, "Bray, it's not that big of a deal, just share with your brother. He'll get tired of playing it in a minute."

His reponse to me, "Mama, I thought you said it cost a hundred dollars and that's a big deal?" (He wasn't being disrespectful, just reiterating how I've drilled in his head NOT TO LOSE his DS!)

Umm, I did say that didn't I? Why do kids have the uncanny ability to throw something back in your face....

A few from our Destin trip:

Upon our arrival at the beach, Caleb said "Look at the snow, Mama!"

Funny thing is, we've been to the beach before. I promise it's not the first time he's seen sand!

Never thought I'd have to tell someone, "Don't karate chop your biscuit!"

Out for dinner one night, the waiter asked if we spent all day at the beach.
We answered no collectively, but as he walked off Brayden responds:

"Well, we didn't go to the beach today just the pool because the beach water makes my tee-tee hurt."

Obviously we are still working on what's considered TMI.

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