Friday, March 27, 2009

Steadied by His Grace

It feels like I can't be consistent with blogging! I'm sure it would help if I had the internet at home...

Since my last post, we have had a lot going on. I guess the biggest thing affecting my life right now is that we found out Trace will need eye surgery in about six months. His eyes have been crossing some, and I kinda had a gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. I mean, I've had two other children, and I know the age that their eyes straighten out. Not to mention the fact that STRANGERS were kind enough (?!) to point out to me that his eyes cross. NO DUH. I'm his mother; I see him every day. Thanks for your concern. Ok, maybe that's harsh, but really...he's my baby, please don't point out his imperfections to me when I'm all too aware of them. It hurts my feelings.

Sooo, I made an appointment with one of the four pediatric opthamologists in Mississippi on Tuesday the 24th. I was expecting to maybe need a patch over one eye or glasses. As soon as the doctor walked into the office, she said, "Yes, his eyes definitely cross. This is not something that will straighten out on its own. We may be able to do glasses, but b/c it has onset this early, I am doubtful. He will probably need surgery at 10 months and then another surgery at 2." Wait, hold that, what?! Surgery?? Where did that come from? NOT what I was expecting to hear. She looked at his eyes with all different instruments, put some drops in, and then left for 15 minutes while the drops set in.

Fifteen minutes of me sitting in that exam room with Trace blown away by the fact that she mentioned surgery. I know it's routine and all, but he's my baby! I was just very shocked, and you know how the enemy tries to get you while you're down. I started praying over him while fighting back tears and finally felt the peace of the Lord with me in that room.

Trace's diagnosis is strabismus, specifically infantile esotropia. Basically, if you were on my right side I would look at you with my right eye, but he looks at you with his left. It crosses inward to see and focus. The problem is with his eye muscles, not the eye itself which is great news. It is correctable. There is a possibility that he may only need one surgery. Worst case scenario is two surgeries and glasses for life. We go back in three months for a check up to be sure that he is still using both eyes equally. There is a possibility he could start to use one more than the other, and if so, he'd have to have glasses or a patch to help correct that before the surgery.

I am praying and believing God for healing. Please pray with me! I know my God is powerful, and I know that He holds my baby in His hands. I am steadied by His grace which is more than sufficient for me...


  1. No one in their right mind should have been making comments to you about your sweet boy. People don't think before they speak sometime.
    I can, in no way, image what you are going through but I definitely be praying with you for you and your family.

  2. I will pray for your son and your family.