Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reading Fair

Brayden had to do a board for the reading fair at school and also for a class grade. We worked on it for several days; he did 98% of the work. He ended up winning 1st place for Kindergarten at his school, which is out of about 80 students! His board went on to the Regional reading fair, where he placed 2nd for Kindergarten out of 5 other schools. I cannot tell you how proud I was! Monday night we went to Hattiesburg to attend the Forrest County school board meeting where he and other winners were awarded with their ribbons and certificates. I think activities like this are so important in shaping a child's view of school. It CAN be fun and rewarding! I pray that this jumpstarts Brayden's excitement about school!

Brayden with his principal, Mr. Lewis.

So proud of his 2nd place ribbon!!

Receiving his 2nd place ribbon for the regional reading fair from Forrest Co. school board members.

Brayden's board.

I was so proud of him!

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