Monday, September 22, 2008

Catching Up!

Things have been seriously busy around our house! It seems like I say that every week, but it's true. This past week, we had Jim Hockaday speak Sunday through Wednesday at our church. He is incredible! If you've never heard him speak, I urge you to check our his website. He ministered with Kenneth Hagin for many years and was the Dean of Hagin's school of healing. Awesome ministry. So each of those nights, I had to be at the church an hour before the service to soundcheck with the worship team. Which is WONDERFUL, but crazy when you have to get home from school, do homework, get the boys cleaned up, and drive 30 minutes to the Gulfport church. Jeffry and the boys would go eat dinner while I was having soundcheck, and I usually didn't eat until after the service each night. I learned SO much over those few nights, that the sacrifice of our time was small.

Along with church every night, each member of my family went to the doctor this week! Sunday afternoon Brayden was complaining of his ears hurting and running a low fever, so Monday he missed school and we went to the doctor. Sure enough he had a double ear infection which the pediatrician said was "pretty bad". See, Brayden never tells me anything hurts until its REALLY bad...therefore, I'm sure the doctor thinks I'm a horrible parent for waiting until he's SO sick before I bring him in. Blah. Then on Tuesday, Jeffry went because his allergies were really bad. He actually had a sinus infection with allergies on top of that so he was kinda pitiful. Also, I took Caleb to the dentist for the very first time on Tuesday! He did so great! The dentist let him do everything, x-rays, kids are superstars at the dentist! I have always loved going to the dentist...I get to go this week! :)

Wednesday I had my doctor's checkup for the baby. He said things are looking great, although my iron was a little low. That explains why I've been so tired lately! I have been having contractions already, which concerned me a little because I've never had them this early. I'm 30 weeks! My dr said as long as I could make them stop it was ok for now. I have them pretty much whenever I stand up and walk around so I'm sitting a LOT more lately! My next appointment is on the 30th so I will update you then!

I also took Caleb to the doctor on Friday for allergies. He was starting to get an ear infection too, so I'm glad I didn't wait. Motherly instincts! :) Anyway, we are all doing much better now and getting ready for the coming week. Brayden's first soccer game was Saturday, and I took a lot of pics so I will post them later!!

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